Friday, November 20, 2009

Patience!!! Patience!!

HRM was one subject in MBA that talked about HR policies, training, appraisals, etc. Sounds boring as every company has it and what is new in it! I got the shock of my life when my boss trained me for an hour and asked me to go in the filed. Never we thought about such a condition post MBA but I had to do something to proof I am worth a try.

First thing I had to do was to get hold of people already on field from our company. Also to know about the business scenario, i had to find our Business Partner (BP) in Mumbai. I did that on the very first week. Now the first question that comes to mind is why I waited for a week to call them. It is just because i was not allowed to talk to them. Another test of patience!

Anyway, my chat with our sales team in Mumbai, which was only 2 in number - 1 BP and 1 Sales, totally we made a team of THREE. But my area was to deal with this alone with minimal help about the condition prevailing in Mumbai about our product. This was a plan to know what competition we have, how our products are doing in markets, what customer profiles do we target here and why/how, etc etc... In just a week's time, I learnt a lot about the company, its policies and senior members. None of extra information came from my boss even after asking him persistently. But hey, why crib? This is the field chosen by me, not imposed on me.

My idea was to give my best to this company with minimal help from it. Anyway, frankly speaking, your motivation lasts only to an extent of a threshold tolerance. People who have seen Rocket Singh will know how things work but even got some field training. What about me? Welcome to Sales with no Rocket!

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