Monday, November 16, 2009

2012 - Year 0001

"2012" - an era of apocalyptic moments, as per our latest movie, and probably a time a time for me to start something afresh. The movie may not have impacted many but it surely gave me a fillip to proceed with this blog!

2007 - first time I thought of starting my own blog, mostly to write about my experiences with MBA in NMiMS, Mumbai. But first trimester was little tough, and that gave me tremendous opportunity to stay away from it. Time passed and my thoughts stayed within me for long.

2009 - I passed out from my institute and was out in open (rather a closed environment). Recession hit our batch real hard to crawl for jobs. Companies who picked 6-8 at a time, did manage to take only 1-2 this year. Salaries were shown south with a label of "hit by recession" make. MBA from a premiere B School no longer remained a guarantee for good package and profile.

After joining a communication company at the end of my term, I started hoping things would improve finally. Everyone was gaga about marketing being up again and would talk about some or other philosophy. Good for them to bring some hope! After all it keeps your spirits alive for the time.

In good b schools, normally within a month's time people get placed. We used to have Day Zero, Day 1, 2 and 3. For those who have no idea what Day zero means - every college has its placements days, say Jan 1 , 2 and 3. Now whichever company comes before Jan 1 would fall under Day 0 category. Most of the batch gets placed during that time. But this year i would rather call it Month 1, 2 and 3 instead of Days.

I always wanted to get into sales/marketing of Media, Telecom or IT. I did not have any particular company in mind, except for the industry. I was ready for the climax but with right industry, even at low package.

It was a Gurgaon based VoIP Provider that picked me up for Corporate Sales role in Mumbai. Though the company was a start up, it had its parent company in USA and global geographies.

Tension of getting into a company was over finally. First week of my first job after MBA (Marketing) from NMiMS in selling VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), in short, selling International calls to Indian corporates at cheaper rates. Could i be happier? Yes! and it was about the industry - TELECOM! :)

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