Saturday, February 5, 2011

Night Life!!

Not the one you are thinking... 2 months back we started a project which is in its final stage now.. just before it goes live we are trying to deploy all the related (stuffs) to its final level. SIF Import, server bounce, SRF replacement, compilation etc etc... and yeah my head bounced too!! ;)

Capacity of 300 on my floor but number of occupied seats at 4:30am is just 5%.. people still typing something on their laptops and computers.. some playing games.. some watching movies... and our team - No time for even a break.. ! :(

I do hear one guy snoring though... just now started... what a life he has! :) As long as we are bachelors it looks an adventure in itself ... couple of hours back I was outside roaming with my colleague... Gurgaon never looked city that sleeps... especially on roads... minimum of 2-3 kms we must have walked in our compund to just have fresh air (away from our screens)... cool breeze touching our face gives better feeling at this time when winter in delhi is getting over.. had cup of coffee... chikki (ghachak in delhi), polo (mint with O), four seasons juice, grapes (black ones) - packed for breakfast but eating at night... :)

When we reached Gurgaon office at 9pm we had empty stomachs ... taxi dropped us in front of our office's mall... but everything was close.. had to come back to office and order kadhai paneer, naan, kulche, dal makhni... nice food... ;) enough for whole night to survive after no lunch.. and fruits in breafast... really require some dietician to keep check on our health ... YUMmmyyyy though!!

Ayway after all this tiring exercise one thing that brings happiness is that we learn with every moment.. at this stage we do require this type of momentum to keep running.. after all we are working for a telecom company to help them automate their campaign systems... $$ addition to their revenue... :)

On lighter side, I did open facebook and checked all status messages.. usually it never opens in our office.. but at this place (where we have come for production deployent), it OPENS! :D updated my status too...

Few more hours to go ... say by 10am... we will be close to 80-90% of our target... some sanity testing is also required ... need to get hands dirty with it... ;) ... Hope to see some light after 2 months in tunnel.. and hope its not Sidhu's light... as he says it is light of a running train approaching towards you at high speed.. :)

Just Enjoying my Night Life! Another session awaits tomorrow too... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....